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The key to success is discipline and inspiration. Sergio Ramos became a fitness legend by working hard to reach his goals. Together with his longterm friend Rainer Schaller, owner & CEO of RSG Group to which the brand JOHN REED Fitness belongs, they created a space for everyone who is dedicated to their goals.


Three different boutique fitness elements meet a high-quality gym that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether alone on equipment or free weights, in group workouts or in 1:1 sessions with personal trainers - you have 360 degree support for your training. JOHN REED Fitness & Sergio Ramos worship the same values, which can be seen in every corner of the gym: Fitness, Design & Music.

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Our classes are designed for all fitness and skill levels. A fun and friendly environment that will push you to perform at your best. Our signature programs are designed to make you fitter, faster, stronger and healthier.



DURATION: 45-60 minutes

FOCUS: Full body


A class for all levels will push you to perform at your best. Strength Club is an effective workout for losing weight, building strength, agility, and flexibility, and improving your aerobic fitness. Our signature programs are designed to make you fitter, faster, stronger and healthier.

EQUIPMENT: Barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, box, Ski erg, rowing machine, assult bike and jump rope.

A high intensity form of training for all levels. It continually shocks the body, forcing you to change and adapt, therefore achieving excellent results. You will be building better fitness, burning calories, decreasing fat mass, and increasing conditioning and mobility.

We will also offer this class to be done as a team of two: Join TeamWOD!

EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell, dumbbell, box, ski erg, rowing machine, assult bike, jump rope, wallball, battleropes and sled.

You will receive extremely specific technical feedback as you work to refine and improve your capacity and the quality of your movement. Classes include follow on accessory and strength development to improve weaknesses. This is a great additional class for all those who attend our StrengthClub.



Box Fit is a full-body boxing workout that will change your body, focus your mind. Basic skills and techniques using gloves and pads will strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back and core, and increase your muscular strength and endurance.

EQUIPMENT: Boxing gloves, Boxing bag.

Box Raw is free for every coach to create. Each unique workout is inspired from a true boxer’s workout – including bag training – to strengthen not only your body but also your confidence.

EQUIPMENT: Boxing gloves, Boxing bag.


Run Club is an indoor based running workout that mixes things up for all running levels. This workout will improve performance and bust treadmill boredom. This is a 30-45 minute workout with a mix of interval training, spicy tabata, hill climbs and sprints that engages the whole body.
Run Club will offer a class variety for all fitness levels with workouts for all types of runners.


EQUIPMENT: Treadmill.

Athletic Flow

A class incorporating foam rollers, massage balls, dynamic own body weight flows and inspiration from yin yoga held stretches. It is a low impact workout that focuses on improving flexibility, mobility and stability, increasing recovery and overall athletic performance.


EQUIPMENT: Lacrosse ball, foam roller, yoga block, mat and bands.